All too often I get asked the question, but what will we do if the weather is bad? Like somehow a day of outdoor activities is going to be ruined by a little bit of Scottish drizzle….

I usually say that there are all sorts of activities to take part in and if it is not the best day for rock climbing then we can always change and go canoeing. Other times I mention the brilliant invention of water proofs. The moral of the story is I have had some of my most memorable and even enjoyable experience when the forecast has looked less than promising. Maybe it is because there is no high expectations for the day or maybe it is the lucky moments when the view appears or that amazing ray of light penetrates through the clouds to brighten the mood.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

― Vivian Greene

Summit of Ben More, Mull. Smiling in the rain.

So often I talk about type 2 fun. Let me explain….

Type 1 fun is amazing, it’s fun at the time and your really very glad to be there.

Type 2 fun character building, your not really having the time of your life, in fact your not sure if you’ll even do it again. But once your back in the safe and warm it was all worth it and in a week or two you feel like it was actually brilliant fun and you would totally go do it again.

Type 3  fun is just not fun, not at the time, not ever. something your glad you survived but would never repeat.

Many of my greatest experiences in life have most definitely been type 2 fun. It’s often not until we’re pushed that we feel the raw and true emotions of the adventure.

A little rain never hurt anyone, Sea Kayaking round the Summer Isles

Not to mention that when the rain passes by and the sun comes out you can get the reward for your hard earned effort. Trust me it is worth every minute of the struggle.

Rainy days sea kayaking round Horse Island

Bad weather always looks worse though a window

– Tom Lehrer

So your best to get out there! Go experience some real weather.

Duke of Edinburgh bronze expedition in less than ideal conditions


A view makes itself visible on the Forcan Ridge

This particular view was made possible by having a flexible plan and moving off Skye which seemed to have a permanent rain cloud over it for the time we were there. I would definitely say if your flexible with your plan and make the most of the forecast your lightly to have a brilliant time.

Drying the kit in a brief weather window

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