Reiff Climbing Festival is in it’s third year and going strong, not even hurricane ophelia could stop us this year.

We had huge waves, strong winds and a mighty crazy ceilidh it was a weekend of madness.

Reiff Climbing Festival, originally the Lochinvar Climbing Festival and set up by the North West Highlands Geopark in 2015. The aim of the festival is to bring climbers up to an area of Scotland they might not otherwise know about. With a slant on teaching a little about the amazing geology and just an excuse to have a bit of fun as the light draws in at the end of summer.

Friday saw saw us looking for a place of shelter in the crazy strong winds, luckily Reiff has so many little hidden gems that we managed so hide away in Orange walls and get the benefits of the nice sunshine as well as sneaking away from the wind.

Reiff Climbing Festival

Taking photos of the risky wave dodging approach to the crag

Reiff climbing festival

Topping out from an atmospheric climb

Reiff climbing festival

Watching the waves


Luckily we all managed to stay dry for most of the day and in the evening we had a fabulous ceilidh.

Crazy climbers + mad runners + mental locals = great ceilidh

Reiff climbing festival

Taking our chances on the pinnacle before the tide came in too much

Sunday was my biggest fear and with the forecast not looking great I was wondering how much climbing would be done. Luckily we were busy running climbing workshops and so the rain didn’t stop the fun.

All in all an amazing festival which highlights the madness of rock climbing in Scotland at this time of year, you just have to get on with it.

Reiff climbing festival

Learning skills and drills, because safety is no accident.

Reiff climbing festival

Escaping the system while being washed by sea spray

Watch out for the climbing festival next year at

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