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Canoe Stac Pollaidh

Canoe day trip

We have very much enjoyed taking people out on canoe day trips to the wonderfully picturesque loch lurgainn in front of the spectacular Stac Pollaidh.

Here are just a few highlights from a busy season.

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Suilven 3 ways

There are many ways to ascend the mighty and iconic mountain of Suilven set in the heart of the North West Highlands. But among my favourites this year have been on a 4 day expedition combining canoeing with hill walking and by helicopter for a filming project.

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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition season

April hails the start of the Duke of Edinburgh expedition season.

This year the hail seems more literal. April usually brings an assortment of weather with sunshine and showers. But this year seems to have brought more sunshine and snow. Lambing snows might be a slight underestimation.

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Suilven by Canoe

Suilven is a classic and unmistakeable outline on the northwest highlands skyline. The remote and isolated Graham sits at 731 meters high and usually requires a 3 hour walk in to access it’s steep and intimidating sides. Enter the Canoe, drifting silently across Loch Veyatie. Camping on Fionn Loch is most certainly my favourite way to access Suilven.

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Summer Isles

Summer Isles by canoe

In between the 100mph winds there has been one or two really wonderfully calm spells, yet again the Summer Isles lives up to it’s name and produced beautiful and still conditions.

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Loch Lomond

Canoeing in the wind

With the changing of the clocks on the first day of training we did wonder if anybody would turn up at the wrong time.

It was early as I parked up outside The Glasgow Academy. Met the group and started the long process of kit checks.

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Loch Lochy

Back in a boat

So it’s back to work and back into a Canoe. This time working for Active Stirling running a Duke of Edinburgh through the highland fault line.

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