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Canoe Stac Pollaidh

Canoe day trip

We have very much enjoyed taking people out on canoe day trips to the wonderfully picturesque loch lurgainn in front of the spectacular Stac Pollaidh.

Here are just a few highlights from a busy season.

Most of our day trips a start at 10am meeting in the most obvious and easy to find car park along the road to Achiltibuie, indeed it is actually the only car park along that road.

Cul Beag
Photo: Ali Rose

There is then a short walk to the boats on the beach. We undertake a short ‘safety’ brief on the beach and discuss some of the basics of paddling a canoe. Once on the water we will do some paddle coaching and teaching to allow you to get the most out of your day journeying on the canoes.

Canoe Stac Pollaidh
Learning how to get the most out of the paddle

Once you have grasped the basics it’s time to go on a journey and explore the beauty of this magical loch. The views are simply stunning and the feeling of being surrounded by mountains is jaw dropping.


Canoe Stac Pollaidh
Canoeing round the corner for a cup of tea.

There are several rich red Torridonian sand stone beaches with are amazing places to stop for a well earned cup to tea and cake. The smell of wood smoke and the rich views of the loch are savored as we take time to enjoy our lunch.

Canoeing Stac Pollaidh
Time for tea and cake

With the hard work over it’s time to float back to the car.

Canoe Stac Pollaidh
We made it!


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  1. Hi we are in town and are looking to do a kayaking trip tomorrow if you have any availability? There are two of us.

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