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Suilven by Canoe

Suilven is a classic and unmistakeable outline on the northwest highlands skyline. The remote and isolated Graham sits at 731 meters high and usually requires a 3 hour walk in to access it’s steep and intimidating sides. Enter the Canoe, drifting silently across Loch Veyatie. Camping on Fionn Loch is most certainly my favourite way to access Suilven.

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When Ice is nice

The odd day of ice climbing has presented itself through January and February. With the mountains being black one day and white it next it has been difficult to find good conditions.

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Winter on, winter off

The winter seems to have been coming and going. Its seems that one day I can be struggling to drive to the hills and sinking thigh deep in soft snow followed by wet black hills the next morning and a rise of 10 degrees.

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Summer Isles

Summer Isles by canoe

In between the 100mph winds there has been one or two really wonderfully calm spells, yet again the Summer Isles lives up to it’s name and produced beautiful and still conditions.

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Loch Lomond

Canoeing in the wind

With the changing of the clocks on the first day of training we did wonder if anybody would turn up at the wrong time.

It was early as I parked up outside The Glasgow Academy. Met the group and started the long process of kit checks.

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Huntley's Cave

Learning to lead

Learning to lead climb can be a scary and daunting experience with many unknowns. Having climbed with Gordon on several occasions now and knowing that the weather was supposed to deteriorate throughout the day we opted for the steep walls of Huntley’s cave.

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Climbing with Canadians

Two Canadians on a road trip around Europe contacted me about rock climbing in the north west highlands. On their whistle stop tour around the UK they took the time to venture up into the wild wild west.

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Stac lee, climb, climbing, saint kilda

Saint Kilda

The end of the world, Saint Kilda.

40 miles west of Harris Saint Kilda sits on it’s own, taking the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. Hirta is the largest island and contains the World heritage site of Village bay. Not only does the Saint Kilda archipelago contain the largest sea cliffs in the UK it also contains the largest two sea stacks in the UK and these were to be our destination.

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From rain to sun

Friday, rain….. lots of the stuff. I was cursing myself for not bringing a more heavy duty waterproof as I dripped and squelched my way back to the minibus. Once reunited with the place of dry and warmth I found myself driving back down to Kinlochewe to walk into camp site number 2.

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