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Canoe Stac Pollaidh

Canoe day trip

We have very much enjoyed taking people out on canoe day trips to the wonderfully picturesque loch lurgainn in front of the spectacular Stac Pollaidh.

Here are just a few highlights from a busy season.

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Reiff Climbing Festival

Reiff Climbing Festival is in it’s third year and going strong, not even hurricane ophelia could stop us this year.

We had huge waves, strong winds and a mighty crazy ceilidh it was a weekend of madness.

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What ever the weather

All too often I get asked the question, but what will we do if the weather is bad? Like somehow a day of outdoor activities is going to be ruined by a little bit of Scottish drizzle….

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Suilven 3 ways

There are many ways to ascend the mighty and iconic mountain of Suilven set in the heart of the North West Highlands. But among my favourites this year have been on a 4 day expedition combining canoeing with hill walking and by helicopter for a filming project.

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Cullin Ridge Traverse

A big tick for any mountaineer the Cullin Ridge traverse is certainly a jewel in the crown of Scottish hillwalking. A very risky booking for late in the season left me wondering if this could be a difficult experience. However October brought us some of the best weather of the year.

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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition season

April hails the start of the Duke of Edinburgh expedition season.

This year the hail seems more literal. April usually brings an assortment of weather with sunshine and showers. But this year seems to have brought more sunshine and snow. Lambing snows might be a slight underestimation.

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Sunshine on Reiff

It has been a fabulous week of unseasonably warm weather, friends of mine have been running away from the mountains and heading to the shelter and warmth of Reiff. These Torridonian sandstone cliffs have some of the best sea cliff climbing in Scotland. With temperatures into double figures it was a clear choice.

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Beinn Dearg, Penguin Gully

The North West Highlands has lots of fantastic winter climbing to be had but we had our eye on the four star classic, Penguin gully. This 350m grade III,4 is a master piece which weaves it’s way up a hidden gully line to near the summit of Beinn Dearg. // Read story

Ben Mor Assynt

Ben Mor Assynt and Conival

March appears to have brought some more stable and clear weather over the North West Highlands of Scotland. Of course it would be rude not to get out in the snow and make the most of it. Our goal, Ben Mor Assynt and Conival.

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