Hamlet Mountaineering


fionaJust back from spending a wonderful 5 days kayaking from Arisaig to the Small Isles with Tim Hamlet as my guide. I was lucky, having very restricted dates, that Arisaig Kayaking Centre managed to organise Tim to be my guide.   It was a fantastic trip and I am still buzzing from the adventure. Tim is a knowledgeable and expert kayaker with boundless energy and enthusiasm. I felt in very safe hands. He has also great patience, as I am a fairly novice paddler, and he was happy to impart his expertise in a very instructive and friendly manner. I learnt so much about embarking on a paddling trip from what to take, how to pack it, wonderful ideas for minimalism, expedition planning and concepts( and practice) of how long it takes to paddle in good and bad conditions against wind and tide over large distances. Tim was excellent company too – I enjoyed all the stories about his expeditions, be it from Scotland to the other side of the world. I can highly recommend Tim if you are thinking of heading out on a kayaking adventure and need a guiding hand.

Fiona MacDonald – Small Isles Sea Kayaking 2015



Jane3Without doubt I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for a guide or instructor in Scotland. What a knowledgable and skilled instructor who clearly has a huge passion for outdoor adventure! Tim has instructed me in both winter mountaineering and rock climbing. Both times I have learnt a huge amount and enjoyed every minute of my sessions. He brings an infectious sense of humour and fun to his work and knows how to push every individual of a group to their individual limits. Thanks Tim!


Jane Alexandra – Improver Climbing Course 2014