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Summer Isles

Summer Isles by canoe

In between the 100mph winds there has been one or two really wonderfully calm spells, yet again the Summer Isles lives up to it’s name and produced beautiful and still conditions.

With Calum visiting we decided that it would be rude not to make the most of the calm before the storm and head out in the canoe. The Summer Isles has some fabulous landscape with caves, arches and stunning wildlife.

Setting off from the perfectly situated camp site at Am Fuaran we were in awe of the calm sea and stunning reflections. Yet again the silvery sands of Isle Ristol were a draw and we found ourselves pulling up there briefly. Setting off again we made our way round to Eileen Mullagrach to explore the caves and make the pilgrimage though the arch. It was then onwards to Tanera Beag and the amazing wave cut platform at the back for a spot of lunch. With the wind picking up around the southern tip it made the Tanera Beag arch slightly more interesting, though we were rewarded by calm crystal clear waters as we made our way over to Tanera Mor. Climbing to the northern high point just as the sun was beginning to set. A truly rewarding experience revealing views across to snow caped mountains of Torridon all the way round to Suliven.


Summer Isles
Setting off from Am Fuaran
Summer Isles
Summer Isles

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